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"What's QIA?"

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Kristin says:


The “Q” in LGBTQIA stands for two things, as I understand it: Queer or Questioning. Questioning is fairly self-explanatory, and refers to someone who is questioning their sexuality or gender identity. Queer is a much bigger term to unpack, and I think that this two part series from our friends at Autostraddle is a great place to start: Part 1 | Part 2

The “I” in LGBTQIA stands for Intersex, and the “A” stands for Asexual, and we have a whole bunch of resources to unpack those term on our website! You can find those resources here: Intersex | Asexual

If you meant “what is the QIA” and were referring to something else… maybe it’s like the CIA but is made up of a bunch of queer badasses who fight for equality with books and superpowers while wearing cat t-shirts and converse. But if that is the case I am really mad that I wasn’t asked to join…



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