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“My teacher is obviously sexist and homophobic (he rants about womans brains!). He won't even say gay, he actually said 'Elton John is....that..thing'. He's very strongly opinionated, but so am I. I mean, I have girly-parts and I like girly-parts, so double-whammy. I want to say 'hey dinglehead it isn't the 1950's anymore' but I don't want him to be mean to me after, so how do I do this?”

- Question submitted by skvl

Dannielle Says:

This STRAIGHT pisses me off.

I want to just rant about how he’s molding the brains of our youth to think like total idiots, but i’ll try to actually HALP u, you know? I totally get your burning desire to stand up for what you believe in and not be pushed around and to be treated like an adult and to change the minds of those who are ‘in charge’ when they’re being total morons. BUT I ALSO totally get that you could do all of those things and get totally fucked over in the end.

When I was a senior in college we had this professor that thought he was gods gift to everything and never treated any of us with any respect. He would literally not show up to class, with no warning, at least once a week. He didn’t support or offer guidance to any of us and told me I was stupid for thinking I could move to chicago and have any success…so, I stood up to him. For every day he didn’t show up to class, I didn’t show up. When he threatened me and asked me if I needed the credit to graduate I told him I didn’t and i was hoping to actually learn from him. When he said I was stupid for moving to Chicago I asked him what the point of staying in NC was…Then he failed me. I literally had an F in my acting class…sooooo……

BUT. Not 8 months later, I was TEACHING ACTING TO KIDS IN CHICAGO AND GETTING PAID FOR IT. ##sohecansuckmydick

The point is, you could stand up to him, you could say ‘you’re being a douche’ and he could fail you. BUT YOU COULD ALSO, go to your principal (if you’re in high school) or your dean (if you’re in college) and be straight up with them, you can’t actually learn in this environment and you’re going to that school bc you WANT to, bc you WANT to learn and not because you want to feel afraid to speak up in your classroom. You being a gay lady has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that this guy is sexist, homophobic, and a horrible influence on everyone he comes in contact with.

Kristin Says:

Hell to the yes.  Just because you are a student and he is a teacher does not ever mean that you should sit back and let this douchebag spout off a bunch of ignorant bullshit.  Screw the stereotypical power balances, as a student you are just as much a human being as any teacher, and there is a good chance that you are smarter than a shit ton of them (no offense, teachers, but you know what I mean).

Write down what he says, and put a date next to each and every ignorant statement that comes out of his stupid, ugly mouth for a few weeks.  Then, take that notebook to your principal.  Tell your principal that you feel this teacher is demeaning to women and heterosexist, and explain why you feel that way.

Sure, it might be uncomfortable if you have to then sit in class with this guy and he has now gotten in trouble from his boss because of your efforts, but you know what?  The school year is almost over, and you are paving the way for very important change.  Your action might make this guy keep his shitty remarks to himself, and if he doesn’t and someone else speaks up, he will be that much closer to getting canned.

If you need a little extra bravery, just imagine Dannielle and I sitting on your shoulders (light, paper mache versions of us, so as to not break your back), chanting, “Down with Mr. Douchenozzle! Rainbows and Fireflies for the win! Teenagers are people too! Boo-ya!”