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"What's QIA?"

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Kristin says:


The “Q” in LGBTQIA stands for two things, as I understand it: Queer or Questioning. Questioning is fairly self-explanatory, and refers to someone who is questioning their sexuality or gender identity. Queer is a much bigger term to unpack, and I think that this two part series from our friends at Autostraddle is a great place to start: Part 1 | Part 2

The “I” in LGBTQIA stands for Intersex, and the “A” stands for Asexual, and we have a whole bunch of resources to unpack those term on our website! You can find those resources here: Intersex | Asexual

If you meant “what is the QIA” and were referring to something else… maybe it’s like the CIA but is made up of a bunch of queer badasses who fight for equality with books and superpowers while wearing cat t-shirts and converse. But if that is the case I am really mad that I wasn’t asked to join…



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“I recently started going out with a gorgeous French girl I met at a drag show. Her English not so good, and my French is... mauvais. The language barrier is definitely there, but that hasn't stopped us from enjoying each other's company IFYAKNOWWHATIMEAN.
Thing is, I kinda wanna give this my best shot. Any advice?”

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

BUT WHAT DOES MAUVAIS MEAN?!?!?!?!?! Srsly though. Translaysh?

Ugh. I wish you could respond. I assume it means ‘maybe’ so, you’re saying your french is ‘maybe’

Well, anonymous, If she has okay english and you have maybe french, how are you going to have deep conversations about politics and your childhood? YOU GUYS I’M KIDDING. If you’re in it for the long haul, you’ll both learn. It won’t be a big deal at all. If you’re just having a good time, then go with it. Don’t focus so much on the fact that she has no idea what you’re saying. Focus on the fact that SHE KNOWS WHAT YOUR BODY IS SAYING. AAAAAAAAAYYY AY AY AYYYYY AY! Boners are the same in every language.

If you can’t help but only focus on this one little thing and you’re all ‘i know this isn’t going to last forever so whats the point’ and you get in your head and you can’t enjoy yourself….Just know that not every relationship you get into will be the end-all-be-all of your lifetime of relationships.We have a lot of relayshes for a reason. You’re supposed to have silly-4-week-romances just as much as you’re supposed to have 3-year-way-intense-first-loves, just as much as you’re supposed to get-married-to-your-one-and-only-at-the-age-of-26-and-stay-with-them-forever(s).

Be with her, laugh with her, have a blast, hold her hand, kiss her forehead, say ‘what’ 30 times a day and fall asleep next to her b/c dammit, you want to. You’re a grown up and you can do whatever you want*!

*whatever you want includes eating sugary cereal for dinner

Kristin Says:


Just kidding.  Except mauvais does mean bad, so, just so we are all clear: Anonymous is bad at French and Dannielle is lazy.

You, dear Anonymous, have done our work for us (which is good since we learned earlier that Dannielle is lazy).  You have said: “I am dating a gorgeous girl, we enjoy each other’s company, I want to give it a shot, what should I do?”  Soooooo.  Give it a shot.   Hit her with your best shot via Pat Benatar.  If you can’t figure out how to say something, use charades, or, better yet, just kiss her and touch her boobs.  If you want to be romantic, just draw her a picture…or touch her boobs.  If you want to tell her you love her,learn those three words and say it in a horrible French accent OR JUST TOUCH HER BOOBS.

Basically, if language was an issue you wouldn’t be enjoying each other’s company…but you are!  So don’t worry, and, when all else fails: boobs.

That was easy.   Neeeeexxxxxxttttt!