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“My friend and I have started a GSA in our school and we've made it mostly so we could chill with people who believe in similar thing as us. The thing is we have no idea how to introduce this idea to oncoming freshmen or just students in general next year, we also wanted to have club activities but we're stuck on what to do, do you ladies have anything to suggest?”

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

Oh man, that totally rules. I’m so proud of you and wish there had been someone like you at my school! ANYWAY. The main thing you should do is sponsor a fun event at the beginning of the school year, not necessarily gay related, so that your name gets out there. Maybe you throw a dance or something and one of you hosts it, and says ‘this is sponsored by the gay straight alliance, thanks for coming, our meetings are Fridays at 2pm if you want to help us put together events like this one!”

You can do really simple things, like show movies, have old alumni from your school come talk, do a fund raiser for LGBTQ, hold discussions about homophobia. Involve some teachers, pass out Human Eqaulity stickers.

Also, try contacting your community. Throw a pizza party, or an Ice Cream party, see if anyone wants to donate food or drink or anything so you guys can involve more people to raise awareness! The possibilities are endless!!!!!!

Also, invite me + kristin to come eat your free pizza and ice cream.

Kristin Says:

I love that Dannielle capitalized “Ice Cream” unintentionally. WE LOVE ICE CREAM.

Okay, so…I think you should do something totally different and awesome and fun, something that will make people be like, “Holy Shit, you guys. I used to always love going to Homecoming, but now that this GSA is here, I love the gays and want a rainbow dress to wear to the Tegan and Sara concert!”  Since the only thing I am doing right now is eating a chocolate bar in my bed, I have the time to really think about what that fun and amazing thing might be…

{insert thinking time}

OKAY OKAY I’VE GOT IT.  I think that you should throw a roller skating party.  Back in the Middle Ages when I went to school, we would have giant roller skating parties where the music would highlight Salt ‘n’ Pepa and TLC’s greatest hits annnnd everyone would totally stress about who to hold hands with during “Couple’s Skate.”  I mean, roller skating parties are pretty much the best memories I have from 1988-1998.  If there is still a roller skating rink in your community, contact them immediately and invite your entire school…pretty much anyone worth anything will fall in love with your GSA if you throw a roller skating party.  ELLEN PAGE DID IT AND SO CAN YOU.

There are so many other things that you can do, even if you don’t want to strap four wheels onto your feet:  Plan a movie night in the auditorium of your school and make microwave popcorn for everyone…Reserve a bunch of bowling lanes and make people get crazy competitive by offering a prize to the highest scoring bowler…HAVE A TALENT SHOW…

Seriously, I know I am super gay, but people love this shit.  Trust me.

In all honesty, I think you should just appoint me as “Official Event Planner” to your GSA and then rent me an apartment in your city so I can just run the show.



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