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"I wanna say "I love you" to my boo for the first time. Is writing it on the bottom of a rubber duck a bit too strange?"

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:


No, that’s NOT… I mean, maybe it is strange to someone who hates rubber ducks and being in love.

You should do something that’s personal and will make BREADCRUMBS (your boo) feel all melty inside, you know? This is kind of a big deal for the two of you, and it’ll be super cute if you go out of your way to make it special and memorable.

Also though, if you’re totally caught up in the moment and the two of you are making out to the USHER pandora station and you can’t hold it in anymore and you just blurt out “I LOVE YOU BREADCRUMBS”…That will be equally as cute. I promise.

Being in love is the greatest. Anything you do will be perfect.

Kristin Says:

If you wrote I love you to me on the bottom of a rubber duck I would probably marry you.

That is my complete answer.


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