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“Hey, I am a college freshman this year (I'm not out), and I've been thinking about rushing for a sorority. I'm sure it probably depends on what school you're going to, but generally, how queer-friendly are most sororities?
-Thanks for your help! :)”

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

I’m really excited to answer this b/c I bet no one expects me to know anything or care about sororities. OH HOW LITTLE YOU KNOW ABOUT ME. I mean, I wasn’t in a sorority or anything, but I knew a lot of people who were. I would never do it, just because I’m afraid of spending large sums of money at one time. HOWEVER, I’ve come to realize that they’re not as lame as I used to think.

I knew quite a number of lesbi’s in sororities. In fact, I totes dated one. I think a lot of people are nervous about coming out b/c there are so many rules and expectations, but the truth is being in a sorority isn’t about fitting into a mold and being the same. It’s about finding a place where people love you for you and then doing things that you all love together. You’ll get into the philanthropy, you’ll love meeting new people, you’ll have a blast, you’ll be more organized and committed than you ever have been in your life. You’ll also do a lot of growing. When you rush, don’t hide that part of yourself, what if there is a totally bitchy sorority who doesn’t want you because you’re a gay?! You’ll want to know that beforehand. You’ll find your place and you’ll make friends that will stick by you for your entire life.

AND ONE DAY you’ll have a big gay wedding and there will be soooo many drunk sorority girls. It will be epic.

Kristin Says:

You guys, today’s plot twist involves me having no clue about anything sorority-related.  See why you shouldn’t judge a girl by her dress&earrings?  Everything Dannielle said sounds completely legit, including the part where you have drunk sorority girls making out at your wedding.  #pornweddings

Also, I just remembered that I had friends in college who were in a sorority and they didn’t give a shit about me being gay, so long as I would still sing Wilson Phillips with them and make fun of their Greek-lettered sweatshirts (but then steal them for my own use).  So, firstly, sorry to those girls who I forgot about until now.  Secondly, do what Dannielle said and trust that the sorority you want to join will want you regardless of who you bone.  Thirdly, I REALLY WANT TO MAKE ANOTHER SORORITY LESBIAN PORN JOKE BUT IT IS RUDE AND I AM A PROFESSIONAL.


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