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"HOW DO I STOP OBSESSING OVER THIS GIRL WHOM I TALK TO(and I like her personality a lot) and WHO I JUST FOUND OUT IS BI. I think she likes me too but I feel like I’m overthinking this."

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

The one thing I have learned about myself very recently is that I AM ALWAYS OVERTHINKING EVERYTHING. Literally, give me a thing to think about, I will overthink it. Are you overthinking things in this situation? Probably. Does this girl you’re talking to maybe like you? Probably.

It’s like WHO KNOWS ANYTHING ANYWAY?!?! The only way to stop obsessing and overthinking is to do something. No problems are getting solved by you scrolling through tumblr while watching Rizzoli and Isles and half-laughing bc you sorta heard the jokes (let’s be real you didn’t hear the jokes, you were busy with gifs). YOU’RE SOLVING NOTHING.

Ask her out. Because you know what? Fuckin’ YOLO. Either she likes you or she doesn’t. That’s it. Those are the two outcomes. And even if she DOESN’T like you, she might still go out with you (I’m just being real). Keep talking to her, take a deep breath and ask her TF out. Scare yourself shitless by taking a risk. Life is short, do something with it.

Kristin Says:

She’s right.
Dannielle is right.

We all obsess. You’re obsessing over her, she’s probably obsessing over you, and the only way to move out of obsessive-thinky-phase is to move into asking-her-out-phase. Once you ask her out you can stop obsessing over whether or not she likes you and start obsessing about if she’ll still like you once you go on a date.

Once she still likes you you can stop obsessing over that and move on to thinking about her all the time, obsessively.



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