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"Do you think it is acceptable to make decisions based on gut feelings when the decision at hand is life altering?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

More than acceptable, I think it’s necessary. Here’s the thing: when you’re at your happiest / best / coolest / dopest / feelingsist, you know what you want. You know what will make you continue to feel those things. You are FULLY aware. When you ARE NOT feeling super happy and excited and perfect, etc, you have a gut feeling that helps you out.

The idea is that there is always a tiny piece of you that is all-knowing. A tiny piece that knows what you truly want and what will truly make you happy. It’s like, you know when you’re dating someone and there is just a FEELING that something isn’t right, but you ignore it, you continue to date them and it blows and eventually some drama happens and you have “a reason” to break up. You go through the break up and you’re talking to your friends and you’re all “there was always this feeling, I think I always knew it wasn’t the best of the best” and your friends are like, “yea dude don’t ignore those feels.”

Those feels, they are important feels. Technically, every decision we make is life-altering. Think about it logically and then ask your guts and see if those two things align. If you go against your gutty, you will spend the rest of your life wondering how things may have been different. If you go with your gutty, you will know. Intuition is so legit.

Kristin Says:


That is my answer as well. Yes, yes, yes.

I have mentioned this before, but when I was little my dad always talked about that ‘gut feeling’ and referred to it as ‘the little man.’ I don’t know why he gendered the voice but that’s another story for another day. What I do know is that that little voice is a fucking all powerful being, and we need to trust it.

We can also have a discussion with it, and pull it apart, and wrestle with it, so long as we are listening.

Let me tell you something else: when you follow your gut feeling, your little voice, your Jiminy Cricket, your WHATEVER, it is also very hard to make a wrong decision. That little voice tends to want to protect you and keep you safe and find you happiness, and even if following it doesn’t land you in exactly the place you’d wished you’d be, you know that you were after something important and that you can continue to keep that important thing as the focus of your actions.

Be warned: that gut-voice-feeling speaks ON ITS OWN. If you are trying to convince yourself that your “gut feeling” is saying to do the thing that you wantto do… if you are forcing the feelilng and you can feel that nag-nag-nag undercutting that feeling… that ain’t your gut feeling. Your gut feeling is the nag, and even if it is telling you something that might scare you, telling you to leave something you love, telling you to take a risk, it is the one to listen to.

So, to recap: Yes. Listen. Always, always listen.


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One thought on “Listening to Your Gut Instinct

  1. Normally I think you guys give great advice, but today I think you guys are wrong, or at least oversimplifying. Maybe making a decision based off of a gut feeling will make you happy, but giving a gut feeling as the sole explanation for your actions to the people that you could be hurting with your life altering decision is potentially mean and selfish. Even if your gut feeling is the right one, give it some thought so you have something to say for their sake because your actions alter other lives too.

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