Lil Vlog Update

Woo! Just poking my head in to tell you that I have been OH SO BUSY preparing to be the co-director for Autostraddle's A-Camp (!!), as well as gearing up for NYC Pride. Oh, and MAKING NEW T-SHIRTS and stuff. All that PLUS a contest for a book and a t-shirt!? Yea. You should watch it all. NEW MERCH: NYC ALL AGES PRIDE PARTY DEETS: Housing Works Bookstore June 25, 2-4pm Musical Guests To Be ANNOUNCED SOON! Support + Vid Exras:


One thought on “Lil Vlog Update

  1. I came out to my fellow campers accidentally on top of a mountain by singing “Its a Hard Knock Life for Us” after a discussion about how it must be so much easier to be a lesbian. Needless to say, the week was filled with gay jokes my favorite being “okay guys get in a straight line” “you heard her Kerry, its a straight line. Bye.”

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