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“I have been saving for a trip to Hawaii but my dog got sick and had to get emergency surgery. I can’t afford both so i rang my girl and said we would have to wait a little longer because i needed to pay for Barkus. She said i better not spend all that money ‘on the damn dog’ or she was gone. Obviously Mr Snugglebutt got his surgery! Where do i go from here? She’s perfect, y'know other than her dislike of Sir SnazzyPants. Should i really break up with her just because she doesn’t like Barfolomew?”

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

That dog is your child, and if someone was like “I hate your child, let it suffer bc I want to go on a trip” I would LOSE MY SHIT.

Also. Don’t date someone who is capable of hatred. Being constantly in the presence of someone who can dislike something so intensely is a very hard thing to live with, AND she shouldn’t be bartering her love for you like that, it’s so uncool.

Also Also. Don’t date someone who is incapable of having respect for the things that you love.

Kristin Says:

Okay, okay, OKAY…

The thing about her pressuring you to LET YOUR DOG DIE (I AM SORRY BUT SERIOUSLY?!) is that it isn’t just about Mr Snugglebutt… it’s about an inability to put another’s needs before her own. She hasn’t been able to understand the needs of Barkus AND she hasn’t been able to understand YOUR needs.

I would tell her that you are hurt by her suggestion that you let something you love suffer, and that you expect way more from a partner. I know it’s harsh, but what she said to you is WAY more harsh and totally fucked up.

You know that line from The Godfather that’s like, “Leave the gun, take the cannoli”? I would like to apply that here: “Leave the girl, take the dog (and the cannoli).”

You’ll find someone who loves you enough to love the things that matter to you, and who is grown up enough to be able to make a sacrifice for the greater good.


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