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“I am a junior in college and putting together my resume. I run my school's GLBT group, and I'm not sure if I should include it on my resume. I am not applying to anything where an activism experience is relevant, but it is a good leadership experience. Thoughts?”

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:


I mean, why wouldn’t you? Writing a resume just out of college is tough bc you don’t want to look like you’ve been holed up in your dorm the whole time, but the classes you took and the crappy part-time jobs you had are pretty much all you’ve got. You’re about to graduate with millions of other people who also took classes and had part-time jobs. IMHO, anything that you think can set you apart from those millions applying for those jobs is great. AND LIKE I think it’s awesome to put anything on there that you think will strike their interest. AND YOU’RE NOT DOING IT IN VAIN. It’s great leadership/business/teamwork/public speaking – there is a lot there.

When they’re like ‘oh yea, GLBT? so what exactly did you do,’ you can tell them about a few of the awesome events you organized and they’ll be like ‘say whaaaaaaaaaat’ and you’ll feel really cool.

Just because your primary purpose was defending the gaywads, that doesn’t mean your running the group just falls under ‘activism’.

Sorority girls always put their philanthropy stuff on their reZ, you know? And it’s basically the same. DO IT TO IT, SON

Kristin Says:

I will never, ever, ever understand why you people have to abbreviate things like “In my humble opinion,” as IMHO. You guys.  Everyone take their hands off the keyboard right now and do a few extra finger stretches, I KNOW YOU HAVE THOSE EXTRA THIRTEEN LETTERS IN YOU SO THAT WE CAN ALL KNOW WHAT THE EFF YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.  Plus, finger stretches never hurt anyone. #lesbianjoke

Anyway, helllooooooo you big professional gay, you.

The easy answer here is: You should absolutely include this on your resume, especially seeing that it is something that gave you experience that you can use in many different workplace scenarios.

The difficulty comes when we factor in where you live, what types of jobs you are applying for, and how much that may or may not be affected by your sexuality.  A few weeks ago, Dannielle and I answered a question from a girl whose interviewer had expressed his distaste for ‘gay people,’ during the interview, so unfortunately there are still people out there who might not consider you for a position based on your sex life/their idiocy.  Personally, I say ‘FUCK THAT,’ and I wouldn’t want the damn job anyway if that was the case.  That is only me, though, and that doesn’t make it the right decision for everyone.

If you think that the places you are applying to will take offense upon seeing “GLBT” on your resume, you have to weigh the options.  You are allowed to leave it off if you would want the job regardless…only you can make that decision.

Also, maybe they will see it and be like, “Wow, you were the president of your school’s Girls Leadership Battalion Team?!?!  You are hired.”



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