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"where would you draw the line between being a healthy introvert and isolating yourself/shutting out the world too much?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

I think every human would draw the line in a different place… does that make ANY SENSE AT ALLL WHO AM I.

Anyway, the other night I went to dinner with a friend I literally hadn’t seen in years and we both talked for probably an hour about how we hate doing things with people. It was the best because before that convo I thought I had lost my mind. My favorite thing to do IN THE WORLD is lay in bed and watch netflix. AND YOU GUYS, I hate forcing conversation with people I haven’t seen in forever, it makes me exhausted. HOWEVER, if I hear from a friend I haven’t talked to or seen in a while, I will try to make time for them.

I think you should check in with your own feelz and do what you wanna do. I know there  are times when people say ‘lets hang out’ and i’m like ‘UUUGGHGHGHGHGH’ and I make myself because I know that I WANT to hang out, I just don’t really want to… DO YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

Listen, we are all different and we all require different stuff. If hanging out by yourself is something you do because it makes you feel centered and awesome, go for it. Just pay attention to the way you feel both physically and mentally. Our bodies and minds will tell us what we need, we just have to pay attention. If you start feeling really awful and scared and alone and sad, switch things up a bit! Try different things until you discover the perfect balance FOR YOU.

Kristin Says:

I am going to have to agree… you are what you eat. Or, what you need. Or, WHATEVER you guys, you just are your own people and everyone needs and wants different things and that is totally okay. Who am I to say that you aren’t ‘healthy’ if you like to spend time alone and don’t love going to Applebee’s and dishing about Kristen Stewart’s latest acting role?!

Personally, I think the balance is getting out of your own environment at least two or three times during the week. That ‘getting out’ doesn’t have to mean that you are chatting it up with your bowling league or talking on the phone with your Grandma, though. It could mean taking yourself out to dinner or a movie, or having a night with your BFF where you make scrapbooks, or going out with seventeen human beings to lazer tag. Like Dannielle said… only you know what makes you happy.

Do know this: sometimes spending time with others doesn’t feel like THE BEST TIME EVER the whole time you are hanging out. Sometimes we spend an afternoon with someone and we have a whole bunch of awkward moments scattered amongst a few really nice moments. So, in your moments of being an ‘extrovert,’ just remember that spending time with others isn’t always perfect. Try to remind yourself that a few really nice moments with another person are sometimes worth a hundred awkward moments.

Push yourself to take risks, and if you are asking yourself if you are too isolated… you probably need to talk to a few more humans. If, however, you are completely content spending five out of seven nights hanging out with you, yourself, and you? Awesome. Do it. Boom.


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