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“So my girlfriend is awesome, but I keep comparing myself to her in every way. She’s funnier than me, she’s more outgoing than me, she has so much drive, and I feel like a blob in comparison. How do I cut out this way of thinking?”

Question Submitted by prayerstoyeezus

Dannielle Says:

I think this is dope because you have the chance to be inspired by someone who you love so deeply. You have a person that you admire right in front of you all the time. Learn from her, ask for her help, tell her how impressed you are, and be so grateful that you have someone who can help you become the best version of yourself.

I feel pretty strongly that we should all constantly be working on becoming the best person we can possibly be, it’s like… Who knows why the fuck we’re here, I certainly don’t, but I do know if we all work to leave the world a little better than how we found it, this would such a cool place to live.

I don’t think a relationship can be all that great if you aren’t inspired by the person you’re dating. If you don’t admire that person, if that person doesn’t challenge you to be better, if that person isn’t one of the coolest, most amazing people you’ve ever met, then what are you even doing?

This is all to say you are lucky and yea it’s hard, but totally possible. The things you told us are just v intense compliments. It’s so easy to be like, “YOU ARE SO MOTIVATED, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, YOUR DRIVE IS SO HOT AND I WANT TO KISS YOU” and then later to be like, “also, how do you do it? can you help me try to organize some shit, I want to have that kind of drive.” The person who loves you loves to see you succeed and wants to help you succeed and wants for you to feel so good about everything you’re doing.

It’s also cool to be like, “hey, you’ve been working yourself so hard, we should take a chill night,” or “you’ve been making everyone at this party laugh for 3 hours, and I thought it was so hot the whole time and now let’s take you home and give you some well-deserved intercourse.” Sometimes that balance is so unbelievably necessary and it can be so fun and wonderful. It’s all about perspective, balance, honesty, and everyone feeling cool as fuck.

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