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“So there is a school board meeting being held at a high school in my area about the addition of a GSA (which that school has been fighting and suppressing for forever). A friend of mine wants me to go, and I totally want to go and support their GSA, but is it okay to go to this meeting if I'm not from the same school and/or if the school I come from is also the exact opposite of accepting?”

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

DUUUUDE. The fact that you DON’T go to that school and your school ALSO isn’t accepting is 10,000 times more powerful! Get a fucking group together and go support the shit out of them.

This is the exact thing Kristin and I are talking about when we tell you guys it’s important to get involved. Protesting a chik-fil-a is couter-productive, but going to your friends school board with 15-20 kids who have the same opinion as you and saying ‘this is our generation, this is what we want, we are fighting for a better society’ is powerful as fuck.

Do it. Absoultely do it. Get friends together, get parents together, go by yourself, it doesn’t matter. Your voice is important, powerful and effective and you not only deserve to be heard, but you deserve to make a change and you will.

I’m proud of you. it’s like…fuck yea, you guys!

Kristin Says:

Oh HELLLLL yeah, you should definitely go.  Walk into that room like you OWN that shit, throw your shoulders back and imagine that Dannielle and I are walking behind you with a giant flat screen TV hoisted above our heads which is loudly playing the final dance number from Dirty Dancing where Patrick Swayze lifts Baby up above his head…OR WHATEVER GETS YOU GOING.

As far as I know, school board meetings are open to friends and family of students who attend that school, but if for some reason they only allow students of that school inside the doors, you just sit tight and wait outside the doors until the meeting is over.  Hug your friend when the meeting is over and let the other students in the (hopefully-soon-to-be) GSA know that you came out because it means a lot to you.

We all know how much it can mean to know that we have the support of the people we care about.  Going out of your way to be supportive, especially when coming from a community where you are also being made to feel less-than, can quite literally shake the walls with strength and solidarity.

Whether you are twelve, fifteen, twenty-four or seventy-three, when you stand together with others to take action, shit starts to actually HAPPEN.  Go to it.  One school board meeting at a time let’s rock this shit.


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