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“So, I went to the doctor recently to get a physical and the fact that I'm gay came up. Everything was cool, he just ordered an HIV test because of the misconception that gays and lesbians are more susceptible to HIV. However, I got my physical in the mail and under Diagnosis was the phrase "Ego-dystonic Lesbianism." Have you ever heard of this? What is this nonsense? I looked it up and found almost nothing, except that it's discomfort with one's sexual identity, which I have no discomfort. I like women, end of story. Do either of you know why he would diagnose me with that?”

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

I just wikipedia-d that shit, and I’m not afraid to admit it…

1. Never heard of it. 2. If any doctor ever told me I had to get tested for HIV bc I was gay, and gays get it more, I would immediately find another doctor BECAUSE WHAT THE FUCK. 3. According to wikipedia (which has never failed me) Dr. douchebag is saying you have a behavioral/anxiety causing MENTAL issue (being gay) and WOOOOOOO DOES THAT PISS ME OFF.

It’s like, don’t worry you guys, being gay isn’t actually a psychological disorder anymore, but like, it prolly is… you know?

I HATE PEOPLE SO MUCH SOMETIMES. I try real hard to give son-of-a-bitches the benefit of the doubt, but there doesn’t seem to be a ‘oh he probably meant…’ with this situation. It’s like, there ARE doctors that will get it, there ARE doctors that won’t assume you’re sick both mentally and physically because you’re gay. This is, literally, outrageous to me. Ok, Dannielle, calm down…*deep breath*

I calmly suggest you find another health advisor. I think it’s important that the person in charge of your body and mind are on the same page as you. It is your body, your mind, your future. Health (both mental and physical) is very important and you have GOT to be comfortable with the person whose hand’s your health rests in.

Kristin Says:


This is. The most. Ridiculous. And insulting. Thing I have heard in like a long time.

I am not even going to take a deep breath on this one, because this bitch (your doctor) doesn’t deserve my calmness, you know?

First of all, if his reasoning for an HIV test was your sexuality alone, and not your sexual activity in general, this man should literally be ousted from the medical profession.  Does anyone out there know about the legality of testing based exclusively on sexuality? As much as I want to believe that this is flat-out illegal, this world really has a way of letting incredible bullshit slip through the cracks…so you just never know. The lesson here, then, is that apart from just being mad, it is also really good to be educated on your specific rights so that you have the ability to put Dr. Asshole in his place.

As far as diagnosing you with ‘Ego-Dystonic Lesbianism’ goes…IT IS A REALLY FUCKING GOOD THING THAT I LOVE MY CAT TOO MUCH TO KICK HIM IN MY RAGE OF ANGER.  Exactly as you said, it is hard to find out the details of this diagnosis apart from the fact that it implies you are uncomfortable with your own homosexuality…which is not the case, and which is why it should not be on your record.  Personally, I would view this as having a medical record arrive in my mailbox with any other ‘disorder’ listed on it which I did not have; it is inaccurate and should therefore be removed.

If you are comfortable enough to stir the pot, I would call up the office and say that you have apparently been misdiagnosed and you would like your medical records to reflect your health accurately.  Speak directly with the doctor and explain to him that you are completely comfortable with your sexuality, and you want to know the reasoning for his diagnosis.

If you aren’t comfortable kicking him in the groin of ignorance, then at the very least I suggest you find a new doctor.  Upon making an initial internet dig for help in this area, I found the Gay Lesbian Medical Association, whose self-stated mission is “to ensure equality in health care for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals and health care providers.”  It appears that you can use their search engine to see if there are any LGBT-friendly providers in your area.

PS: mental post-it note to add a ‘resource’ page to everyoneisgay has been adhered to skull


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