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"Okay, so… I kinda like a girl. And I feel like she might like me too. But she was recently in a relationship with another girl (for like 3-4 months), and I have no idea how long I’m supposed to wait before I’m like ‘hey! So I think you’re awesome and I’m kinda in love. Let’s make out?’. Help?!"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

HEY OKAY LISTEN. I think this is different for every person. Some people will date someone for 5 years and immediately jump into a relationship with someone else the next day. Some people will date humans for like 2 months and then decide it’s better for them to be single for a year. Some people will DO YOU GET IT, DO I HAVE TO KEEP GIVING EXAMPLES? BECAUSE I WILL. We are all diff. I am different from you are different from she is different from oprah, etc.

What do I suggest? Go with your gut, and be respectful. It’s not too hard to be like “I’d love to take you out, but I fully understand you just got out of a relationship and you might not be ready. HOWEVER, when you are ready, I would love to take you on a date.” That way, you leave the ball in her court, but you’ve also put yourself out there. Your ability to be a little bit vulnerable will allow futureboo to check in with herself and figure out what she really wants.


Kristin Says:

*trumpet flourish* FUTUREBOOOOO! *futureboo flies across computer screen in a bedazzled cape*

(That is what happened to my brain when I read the word futureboo.)

My advice? I agree with being respectful, and I concur that being respectful takes the pressure off of worrying too much in regard to “perfect timing.” If you want at least SOMETHING to go by, then I would suggest waiting at least two weeks before respectfully requesting to be her wife. Or whatever. You get me.

Also, it HAPPENS to be a few days before NEW YEARS EVE so you COULD respectfully say to her: “Hey, I know you are just out of a relationship and if you are bummed on not having anyone to kiss at the stroke of midnight, I would like to volunteer as tribute.”

A suggestion to make out, a respectful moment couched in a holiday, and a Hunger Games reference ALL IN ONE.

You’re welcome. My work is done here.
*tips hat*


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