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"AHHHH. Ok, long story short: I helped a girl out in the library at my university. As cheesy as this sounds, I got this feeling that I have never felt before just looking at her across the room. And being the weenie that I am, I never got the chance to get her number. However, as I was helping her on the computer, I mentally remembered the email she was using. Is it too much to email her, or am I being a mega creep? Before you answer that I am a creep, it could be true loveeee!"

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

I think go for it.

BECAUSE LIKE WHAT IF IT IS TRUE LOVE?!?!?! Also, I don’t see how this is any more or less creepy than seeing someone at a party and adding them on Facebook??? And people do that ALL THE TIME!?

People have done way creepier and ended up married. When you think about it, trolling someone’s dating profile before you’ve ever met them or spoken one word to them… it’s pretty creepy. OR LIKE seeing someone be funny on twitter and then following them and then they follow you back and then you make suggestive tweets and then you follow them on tumblr and then they put something funny in your ask box (lol gross) and then you’re like ‘i like you’ and then you video chat and then you’re married (or however tumblr works)… EVERYTHING IS CREEPY.


Go for it. You had a gut feeling. I vote yes.

Kristin Says:

I vote yes and also HERE IS A PLOT TWIST:

Email her the link to this post and a selfie of you looking embarrassed/scared/hopeful.

Here’s my best take at that:


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