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"So, I plucked up the courage to *Little Mermaid style* kiss the girl. And it was wonderful. But now I don’t know how much, or even if I am still attracted to her. Was it just the allure of what I couldn’t have? Does this make me a giant asshole?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

IT’S LIKE. I don’t know. You know!?!?

Sometimes the first kiss is just stupid and weird and everyone is nervous and it isn’t that great. Sometimes it’s a sign that you don’t have that ~*~SPARK~*~ Sometimes it’s just an overwhelm of emotion and fear that came rushin in because shit just got real.

If there’s no ~*~SPARK~*~ that is totally okay. It happens, we are super into people because they are funny and charming and we have so much in common and our friends are all obsessed with each other and we have a blast every time we hang and we can talk about anything and it’s just so easy. These are all amazing feelings, they are also the feeling of having a best friend and sometimes your best friends aren’t the people you should romance. We get friend crushes just as hard as real crushes. Maybe you were 100% into this girl and there is no ~*~SPARK~*~ but you’re supposed to be besties. THAT IS OKAY. Did I mention that is okay? Because that is okay. You not forcing the ~*~SPARKs~*~ could mean you’ve just started the best friendship you could ever ask for…


Kristin Says:


Just wanted to be sure we were protected if Dannielle just invented that term/phrase/art piece.

Moving along. You haven’t done anything wrong. Your first step is to STOP ANALYZING THE MERMAID KISS. Let it go. Take a deep breath and let. it. go. The more you think about it, the worse you are going to make it in your brain-head, and the less able you are going to be to try it again with a CLEAR MIND.

Because, dear reader, you are going to kiss this person again. At least one more time, and no, you will still not be an asshole. You will be a human being who is navigating the complicated waters of romance. I’d like to point out the fact that your question was basically “I kissed a girl it was wonderful wait maybe it wasnt what,” and not “I kissed a girl and didn’t like it.” Big difference, buckaroo.

So, then. If you need to, if you really need to, then before your next date, blast “Let It Go” from the movie Let It Go. OKAY FROZEN IT’S CALLED FROZEN BUT LETS BE REAL THEY MAY AS WELL NAME IT LET IT GO. Play it over and over again to clear your mind. Bonus: You will also get to have a brain-picture of Idina Menzel. ~*~SWOON~*~™

Now that you’ve let it go(oooo): Hang out with the human. Kiss the human again. You don’t like? You have my permission to be friends and know that you still have not done anything wrong (pls refer to Dannielle’s explaysh above). You like? Send me a thank you note, flowers, and $45. You are welcome for your new romance.


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