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“How do you break up with someone who has a temper and low self-esteem without them losing their mind/blowing up in anger/getting depressed?”

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:


If you are in a relationship and you don’t want to be in that relationship, get out of that relationship. By staying in that relationship you are leading the other person on and making almost certain that you will resent them later.

Here’s what will happen if you stay in that relaysh…She will still be sad and yell at you sometimes and you will be miserable and constantly feel like you want to break up with her. Then you will explode and be like THIS HASN’T BEEN WORKING FOREVZIES, and she’ll be like YOU HAVEN’T LIKED ME IN FOREVZIES WHY DID YOU KEEP DATING ME, and you’ll be like BECAUSE I THOUGHT YOU WOULD GO CRAZY… and then shit is REALLY gonna hit the fan.

Her happiness and sanity DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT be your responsibility. If you’re not feeling it, you’re not feeling it. You can’t help that. You have to be honest. It sounds like, at this point, you really love/care about her. You just have to sit her down and be like ‘i care about you so much, but this isn’t working and i don’t want to do it anymore’ and she’ll freak out (i’m guessing) and you’ll be like ‘i don’t know what you want me to do, would you rather me pretend it’s okay and fucking hate it in reality?’ and that probably won’t solve anything, but you CAN NOT feel like she is your responsibility b/c she’s not.

Her crazy is all her, dude. After you’ve had the convo and she throws plates at your head and screams ‘DAMN YOU, LUNALOVEGOOD’ #assumingyournameislunalovegood and you run out of the tiny apartment #assumingshehasatinyapartment maybe call one of her friends and be like ‘i know you don’t like me’ #assumingherfriendsdontlikeyou ‘but i think dobby #assuminghernameisdobby really needs you right now’

Bottom line: crazy bitches will always be crazy bitches whether or not you’re involved. you gotta ‘do you’ #viajerseyshore or you won’t be happy. and happiness is key, yo.

Kristin Says:

It isn’t a big deal but I just changed Dannielle’s code names to Harry Potter characters in an effort to whore-out for tumblr likes, because you people like anything about Harry Potter.  YOU DO, just admit it.  Also, I chose Dobby to be the girlfriend because he totally has low self-esteem sometimes, but also is totally lovable. Get it?!?!?!


Anyway, all of the above is true…you break up with someone who has a temper and low self-esteem the same way you would break up with anyone else.  Let me tell you a little something: sometimes I have a REALLY bad temper, and sometimes I have SHITTY self-esteem, and the only thing that makes it worse is when I feel like someone is tip toeing around me so that I don’t ‘go crazy.’  The LAST thing that crazy bitches want (myself included) is to be treated like they are crazy.  The people who have come into my life and have been firm in what they need and want are the people who have helped me gain more confidence in myself, because, after the shit hits the fan…most of us have to pick up those pieces eventually.  Once she gets to the place where she picks up her pieces, she’ll be like, ‘Aw fuck yeah, did you bitches see me pick up those motherfucking pieces or WHAT?!’

She’s going to lose her mind, she’s going to get depressed.  You can’t change that.  Just tell her you respect her, you care about her, and you wish you could make it easier.  Do not call her crazy.  Do not roll your eyes if she tells you she is going to hold her breath until she passes out.  Put a pillow where you think her head might fall and go do what you need to do … there is a very good chance she will thank you for being a grown-up about the whole thing after she is feeling better.



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