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"How do you deal with a bad haircut?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

omg. wear a hat?

I don’t know. The worst haircut of my life was broadcast on TV in front of the entire world and I was like ‘WELP’ … PLUS KRISTIN CAVALLARI WAS THERE AND SHE PROBABLY THINKS I’M AN IDIOT NOW. ugh.

listen, if all else fails, slick all your hair back and use a european accent, pretend it’s a character study you have to do for a class.

And always remember:

Kristin Says:

I’ve found that adding one million and seven bobby pins in various locations can change a bad haircut into ‘THAT PERSON IS SO CUTE AND QUIRKY’ pretty easily.

Also, headbands and hats.

Also, you could be a total badass and just shave your head.

Also, bad haircuts are totally in right now. #hipsters

Lastly, if you have enough hair left to do this, I think you could bring it back in style:


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