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“Hey, this is quite a general question applicable to many things, but how do you not burn out from activism?”

Question submitted by Anonymous

Kristin Says:

This is quite a general answer but:

You gotta take breaks.
You GOTTA take breaks.

They can look like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

(If they look like that we should talk about dating in the near future.)

ANYWAY, the bottom line is that you gotta take care of you.

SeriouslySelf-care is a critical component of changing the world, so whether that means you take a day, a week, or three years, you gotta take the time you need to feel centered, positive, alert, and ready. The change-making is going to need you when you return, and you’re gonna be refreshed and ready to tackle it once you’ve rested your sweet lil’ activist eyeballs for a bit.


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