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“So I'm not exactly "out" to anyone yet, but I was planning on cutting my hair REALLY short. Do you think that this is going to "out" me? I don't want to lie about who I am, but I don't feel like it's other peoples business unless we are sexually interested in each other, so I don't feel ready to run and tell everyone I'm gay, and I fear that everyone will assume that I am once I get my haircut.”

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

I feel like we get questions all the time that are like ‘if i cut my hair short will people think i’m gay?!!??!’

it’s like…you guys…people will think you’re gay bc you like to do gay things with people of the same sex. not because you have short hair and wear cargo shorts… you know?

Probably if you cut your hair short and you run into an old friend and they’re like ‘omg, i love your pixie cut, it’s totally audrey hepburn’ you shouldn’t yell ‘YEA GOOD THING SHE WASN’T GAY, I’M NOT, THAT WOULD BE WEIRD, RIGHT HAHA, WHAT’ b/c then you’ll give yourself away.

Your haircut should not define you, your sexuality should not define you, your clothes should not define you, your favorite candy should not define you. You are you defined by you. youyouyouyouyou blahblahblah inspiration. you know?

Kristin Says:

I love when I get to disagree with Dannielle.

I mean, I do agree with most of what she said, however I also think that there is a chance that some idiotheads might use your new short hair as a marker of your unconfirmed and totally made-up gayness.  Let me say once more: THOSE ARE THE IDIOTHEADS.

So, with that in mind, let me clarify that cutting your hair is not going to “out” you, but it may give the stupidfaces of the world a reason to make dumbwad assumptions.  You know what??  Stupidface idiotheads are going to make dumbwad assumptions no matter what you do, so you need to make decisions without consulting them.

Cut your hair, tell whoever you want whatever you want, and if someone comes up to you and says, “So you are really owning your gayness now, huh?” just look them in the eye, burst out laughing, and say, “HAHAHAHAH YOU MUST BE THE DUMBWAD STUPIDFACE IDIOTHEAD THAT KRISTIN WAS TALKING ABOUT.”

(Don’t feel the need to explain who Kristin is…my name alone obviously conjures an image of the smartest person in America.)


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