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"Dear K&D, what do I do for my girlfriend on v day??? I'm very bad at thinking of cute stuff. Like would it be lame to get her the bathrobe she wants from Wal mart?? We are in college and both not out so going out isn't really an option. Halp!"

- Question submitted by sparkledonut

Dannielle Says:

Listen. One year I super wanted a tae-bo DVD and my bff knew that and my boyfriend had no idea what to get me, so he got me that DVD I wanted and a silly teddy bear and made me dinner. We ate chicken and listened to Luther Vandross in his dorm room and it was literally perfect. I still have the teddy bear. I think I got him a Lord of the Rings poster, and I’m pretty sure when I walked into the hallway I asked why it smelled like feet and that feet smell was the chicken he made…BUT LIKE.. it was still the most memorable Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.

I just went through and I actually do not remember another Valentine’s Day from my life… oops.

My point is, yea, get her the robe from Wal-Mart because who cares? and YOLO. Get her the thing she wants, make up a cute night at home, or drive her to a cool place for a picnic, or take her to denny’s at 4am when no one is hanging out and make the most of it. If you want VDay to be special, it will be because you’re together, not because of the presents you give.

Kristin Says:


You can get her this necklace or a personalized video from us?!?!?!

Bathrobes also totally rule. On my first Christmas with Jenny she bought me a bathrobe and I had never mentioned wanting one nor thought about getting one for myself, ever, and I was confused when I opened it bc… a bathrobe? AND THEN I PUT IT ON AND NEVER TOOK IT OFF I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND IT IS PROBABLY WHY I MARRIED HER.

Also, though, the necklace and video ideas are pretty legit.


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