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"Hi there, I’m a tomboy that happens to like other tomboys. My friends tell me a relaysh between two butch ladies isn’t going to work so I better give up and not flirt with them. Though I don’t think this is true ( love is love and things like that) It makes me very self conscious and insecure. What’s your lovely lass opinion on this?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

Your friends don’t know anything.

Kristin Says:


*clears throat*

Might I ask why a relationship between two “butch ladies” wouldn’t work? Is it because there would be too many power drills in the house? Is it because no one would wear an apron in the kitchen and cook the other breakfast? Is it because the horror of two short haircuts in love would be too much for the world to bear?

Oh, right… those are stereotypes of “masculine” behavior. Oh, right… appearance doesn’t align with stereotypes of behavior. OH, RIGHT… YOUR FRIENDS MAKE NO SENSE.

You guys. We are people. Some of us have short hair and like to wear pants. Some of us have long hair and like to wear dresses. Some of us like to wear some of the things some of the time and others at other times. Most people do not hinge their attractions on the boy/girl pairings that we see reflected in the media. I know several “butch ladies” who are attracted to and date other “butch ladies,” and I know many other combinations of humans that are varied, beautiful, and perfect.

All different kinds of people like all different kinds of people in all different kinds of ways.

Listen to us. Don’t listen to your friends.
They don’t know anything.


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