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“i want to get a small tattoo to commemorate coming out. 1) is the lambda symbol way outdated? 2) can i get a lambda symbol tattoo if i am biseckshual? thanks!”

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

Chances are, if you’re talking about whether or not it’s outdated, it’s probably outdated.

Some examples include:
1. Hey Kristin, are you sure those crop pants are still “in style”
2. Hey Kristin, can I wear these crocs to dinner, or is that not “cool”
3. Kristin, don’t wear that halter top, I think it’s “outdated”
4. Don’t worry, Kristin, Tankini’s are always “IN”

Mostly, I just wanted to associate all of those clothing items with KristiN….but also, I always vote if you haven’t wanted a specific tattoo for a while, you shouldn’t get it. All of my tattoos I wanted for at least a couple of months, or they were in the back of my brain for a chunk of time.

That being said, it’s your body and it will always be your body and you should put whatever you want on it bc you only get ONE body and ONE life and if you look back on your life when you’re 85 you don’t want to say ‘man, i should have gotten that tattoo, it woulda been fun’ you wanna be saying ‘man, it took 60 years, but my tattoo finally looks like a grape instead of a lambda!’ Then you and all your grandkids can laugh, except your grandkid who is 15, bc that’s a sassy age and she will prolly roll her eyes and go watch some sass-mouthed teenager on the disney channel make fun of their parents and she’ll LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH.

Back to the task at hand. You’re going to have this tat on you forevzies. which is totally fine and i’m never going to tell you not to get it, but just stew on it a while. You may find at the beginning you want a lambda behind your ear, but 7 months later the time you spent coming out and learning yourself taught you more than you imagined, and you decide that an empty birdcage with an open door on your shoulder represents the way you feel a little more.

know what i’m sayin?

Kristin Says:


Also, I didn’t know what the lambda symbol looked like so I looked it up and was like, “Hey, that’s pretty cool,” so like…you decide whether that means it is actually cool, or whether I am now penciling it onto my crocs.



So.  Dannielle basically told you everything that you needed to be told in terms of tattoos being permanent and letting an idea sit with you for a bit, blahblahblah, so let me just add these three things:

1) If in your heart you love a symbol and it has meaning to you, it doesn’t matter if it is that symbol is a color-shaded tat of tweety-bird, because it matters to you and that is what counts.

2) It doesn’t matter if you are bisexual, pansexual, transgender, queer, straight, or Willie Nelson, you can get that symbol tattooed on you!  Anyone who tells you otherwise is a total dumbhead.

3) That birdcage idea is flyyyyyy. #puns

On that note, happy Friday, congrats on coming out, and also I no longer wear cropped pants but what the hell is wrong with halter tops?!


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