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"I feel like a really lousy for feminist for liking to be waxed down there… help?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

This is all so complicated because while feminism is rooted in equal rights for all, that word has taken one hell of a ride down the path of confusing as shit.

Body hair is just a tiny symptom of the larger picture. You shouldn’t HAVE to shave anything because society tells you to, ABSOLUTELY, but also… if you like the way it feels to have your legs shaved and your V waxed – you should not feel bad. Right? This whole thing stems from doing with your body AS YOU PLEASE and not answering to NOBODY *snap snap snap*

Feminism isn’t about proving women are better than men, it is about saying no one human is better than another. It’s about fighting for equality ALL AROUND, immigration, people of color, disability, men, women, students, senior citizens, hUMANS Y’ALL. We all deserve equal rights, we all deserve to be treated with respect, we all deserve to make decisions about our own bodies, our futures, our education, our religion.

You are a feminist because you believe in equality, not because you have hair on your hoo-ha.

Kristin Says:

Oh for Pete’s sake.

Listen, I understand what you are saying—as Dannielle already covered. Women have been trained to feel, over time, that they must be hairless, odorless, tiny-waisted human beings in order to be attractive, and that is fucked up. However, I have no ability, personally, to refuse myself a manicure here and there because I love the way it feels and looks and I KNOW THAT I WOULDN’T HAD I BEEN RAISED IN A DIFFERENT WORLD BUT I WAS RAISED HERE AND I LIKE MY NAILS PAINTED SO SUCK IT EVERYONE.

Sorry for yelling.

It’s quite a pickle, because you at once have things happening in your brain and body that are saying, ‘but I feel good when I have less hair on my hoo-ha,’ and other things happening in your brain that are like, ‘don’t listen to that brain, it is under the spell of patriarchy mwahahaha.’

Here’s a thought: every time you get waxed, put a dollar in a bucket labeled, “Feminism Offset Fees.” Every year, collect your dollars, and donate them to a Girl’s Rock Camp or a positive body image campaign or Gloria Steinem.

(OMG. Please dear god save up your hoo-ha waxing dollars and donate them to Gloria Steinem. Can we start a fund? This is now my favorite idea.)