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"Based on your abilities to make a break-up playlist, I’m assuming you’d build a fantastic make out / doing it playlist?? CAN THAT HAPPEN I WANT TO ROMANCE A FEMALE."

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

Based on you being right, YOU’RE RIGHT. My picks below!


1. Silhouette – Active Child ft. Ellie Goulding
2. Come Thru – Drake
3. West Coast (Rob Orton Mix) – Lana Del Rey
4. Believe Me – Lil Wayne, Drake
5. Pull Me Down – Mikky Ekko
6. Glory and Gore – Lorde
7. Open – Rhye
8. Coffee – Sylvan Esso
9. Coming Down – The Weeknd
10. Brain – Banks
11. Landfill – Daughter
12. In The Mornin – J. Cole ft. Drake
13. What You Need – The Weeknd

Kristin Says:

I agree with you being right and this was v fun. Also FYI I allotted you 5 minutes of post-makeout/doin’ it cuddle time on my list. Use it wisely.


1. Thinkin Bout You – Frank Ocean
2. In The Waiting Line – Zero 7
3. Highschool Lover – Air
4. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
5. My Doorbell – The White Stripes
6. Ooh La La – Goldfrapp
7. Desire Lines – Deerhunter
8. 12:51 – The Strokes
9. Drumming Song – Florence + The Machine
10. Your Touch – The Black Keys
11. Fade Into You – Mazzy Star


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"My girlfriend broke up with me. I’m not over it but I think she is. Any advice? Get over it already mixes? I could really use that right now."

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

She’s a total whore and you can do better (i’m assuming). Listen to ‘Simple Together’ by Alanis Morisette, ‘Glass’ by Ingrid Michaelson, ‘Keep it Clean’ by Camera Obscura, ‘Breathe’ by Taylor Swift, ‘Call it Off’ by Tegan and Sara, and ‘If it’s the Beaches’ by The Avett Brothers. Cry a lot and when you see her pretend like you’re totally fine. Eventually you will move on, but don’t try to force it, it will happen in time. Don’t EVER fight for someone who is not willing to fight for you. It’s 100% not worth the energy and you’ll just get hurt overandoverandover.

Kristin Says:

Going rollerskating always helps. So does drinking. Drinking + rollerskating? You won’t even remember her name by the time you are done!

If you do, slam your feet back into those skates and get your angry on with: “For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic” by Paramore, “Rootless Tree” by Damien Rice, “Fell in Love Without You” by Motion City Soundtrack, “Clean Break” by Jenny Owen Youngs, “Denial Twist” by The White Stripes, and, of course, no angry break-up mix would be complete without “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette.

On that note, if all of that doesn’t work, just try to imagine Dave Coulier in his underwear.  At least your tears will be redirected toward other horrifying matters.