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“Okay okay okay, so y'all have covered how to be cute and such in coffee places, school, and random places and such. But how in the world do you get someones number at the gym, when you’re all sweaty and gross. Like what do you do when you see a cute human walk in and you’re like 'NO WHYYY,' because you look a hot mess.”

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Kristin Says:

Okay okay okay, I’ve got this:

Bring a picture of your non-sweaty self to the gym, along with a pre-written note and a pen.

The pre-written note should read: “I would love to get your number, however the circumstances of my sweaty face are less than ideal. Please see the attached photo for a representation of more ideal circumstances. You can write your number below if you would like to get a coffee sometime or you can draw a picture of a sad dinosaur if you are not interested. Thank you.”

Have these items at the ready, and when cute human arrives, drape a gym towel over your sweaty head and walk (carefully) over to them. Hand them the note and the pen. Remain under your towel.

Good luck.