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“Okay... So this is the deal. I am in law school in Britain and my perfect girlfriend of a year and a half is in genius college in Boston. For the next 3 years we will only see each other for 4 months out of the year. However, we are both completely certain that it will work and that each other is the "one" (I am realizing how lesbian all of this is, but bear with me) and think that getting small matching tattoos in hidden places would be more age-appropriate than engagement rings. Feelings on this?”

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

I mean, I don’t really understand why you HAVE to have engagement rings or tattoos. If you’re going to be together forever just be together forever. If you know for a fact you’re going to get married in the summer of 2013, then you should get engagement rings because you are planning your wedding.

If you don’t believe in marriage, you should get tattoos.

If you’re like ‘well, we’re in love, but we don’t need to plan a wedding, marriage might be too intense’ then you probably shouldn’t do either.

Here’s the thing. I always vote you should never get a tattoo for anyone but you. You shouldn’t permanently ink something on your skin and create a scar that will last forever for someone else. Now, if the both of you love the same Ani Defranco lyric and you want to get it tattooed in Papyrus font on your ribs, go for it.

If I wanted to be engaged to someone and bitch was like ‘naaah lets get tattoos’ i would get REAL GIRLY ON HER ASS and be like ‘YOU DON’T LOVE ME ENOUGH’ or something… probably.

No one can make this decision for you. Talk it out and be smart. Rings are expensy but tattoos can be awkward if you ever have to change “Wendy” to “The Wendy City” with an elaborate sketch of the Chicago skyline…plus you’ll have to think up a story…

Kristin Says:

Dannielle spelled Ani DiFranco wrong. #shame

In other news, I disagree with the statement that rings are for people who believe in marriage and tattoos are for people who don’t.  If you want to have a wedding ceremony but you want to have ink instead of silver, no one is going to arrest you.  You have to do whatever holds the most meaning to you both.

I do, however, have a bit of an issue with saying that wedding tattoos are more ‘age-appropriate.’  The exchange of wedding rings is a ritual that dates back to Ancient Rome, so like, I don’t think 2010 is all of a sudden the year when it ages out.  If you are a person who takes meaning in tradition, it doesn’t matter if it is the year 43,675…the ring is still the symbol of marriage that has existed for centuries.  If you are a person who takes meaning in crafting your own traditions, then rock on with your tattooed self.

Most important thing to consider: if things go sour, rings can be thrown away or pawned for a new Playstation II.  Tattoos are, quite literally, forever.  So, my personal advice would be to get something that symbolizes your love for each other instead of the words ‘I LOVE WENDY AND HER RED HAIR AND HER GREEN EYES.’  (That was kind of the same joke that Dannielle made, but I am aware of that fact so get over it.)


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