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"Please provide list of rules when entering into a Friends With Benefits SITUATION. Thank you."

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

LOLOLOL. I like you because you asked this question as if there is a direct and not-at-all-complicated answer. HERE IS A LIST I MADE UP JUST NOW.

1. Mix CDs – don’t make ‘em for one another.
2. Feels – do a weekly check in to make sure you are on the same page before you sex.
3. Boundaries – if there are certain things that make you feel too coupley, like holding hands or cuddling or sleep overs or watching Lifetime movies, don’t do those things.
4. ARE YOU TOTALLY OKAY IF YOUR FWB MAKES OUT WITH SOMEONE ELSE!??! Keep checking in and make sure this is the case.
5. Don’t buy them presents.
6. Don’t sleep together every night.
7. Don’t make your facebook relationship status “It’s complicated with… “
8. Don’t awkwardly introduce them as your “uh… friend? i guess??LOL” to people.
10. If you don’t wanna share your Doritos and they’re like “come on share with me” stick to your guns bc the whole point of NOT being in a relationship is NOT having to share your Doritos.

Kristin Says:

I deem this a comprehensive and educated list of rules. My list, therefore, is brief:

1. Follow Dannielle’s list of rules
2. Give me a fucking Dorito


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