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“Any advice for online dating?”

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:


I feel like where we all fuck up with online dating is (1) not being totally honest, (2) trying to seem cooler than we are, (3) changing our own wants / needs so that we can just be GOING ON DATES.

(1) Be. fucking. real. This isn’t a job interview for something you want, but you know you’re not prepared for, you know? There’s no resume bullshitting. That will only put you in a position where you have to lie for the rest of your life. Imagine you went to Africa once and you told OKCupid that you go to Africa all the time? Then you fall in love with someone and you have to figure out how TF to tell them you actually only went once. And then they’re like WHAT ELSE ARE YOU LYING ABOUT.

(2) Calm. TF. Down. You are cool because you are you. Not because you are “a lot like Selena Gomez, TBH” … you know what I mean? You want someone to be into you because you’re being your very own dorky-cool self. You don’t want them to want a different version of you.

(3) If you want to be casually dating someone. CASUALLY DATE THEM. Don’t act like you’re looking for love when you’re looking to get laid. If you’re looking to fall in love DON’T ACT LIKE YOU’RE JUST LOOKING TO GET LAID.

Be chill. Be honest. Be dope. Be you.

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