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"Are long-distance relationships worth it? And what’s the key to making them work?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

This is 100% subjective. I’m totally down for long distance, I think NOT having a relationship with someone based on where you live is dumb. As long as the two of you are fully aware of the circumstances and you are both willing to work pretty hard to make it happen, YOU’LL BE FINE.

Like any relationship; there will be complications, there will be heartache, it will take a lot of compromise, you will laugh, you will fight, you will cry, you will feel hopeless, you will fall in love, you will feel on top of the world, you will decide whether or not it’s worth the struggle, and you will make it work.

I’ve seen so many successful LDRs, and I’ve seen so many fail. Plan dates. Stay positive. Look forward to seeing one another. Be honest about what you’re feeling. Make time for one another. Don’t flake out on phone / skype dates. Send letters. Surprise one another. Go to the movies at the same time from different cities and sit in the back so you can text each other. Be creative and work hard.

Also, if you need two super cute girls to watch for proof that long distance can totally work MIGHT I SUGGEST KAELYN AND LUCY.

Kristin Says:

I think a long distance relationship is absolutely worth it, so long as you are both committed to making it work.

To me, a relationship is something that is always in flux, always bending and moving around unpredictable and incredible and scary life-events. I never imagined that I would be in a relationship with someone who travels all over the world playing music, and I had no idea what that would be like when it all began. I also had absolutely no idea that shortly after beginning that relationship, I, too, would be traveling all over the country with my job! It’s not exactly the same as long-distance, but when we are both in the throes of travel, shit can be really, really hard.

I think that there are people who might look at that situation and know that it wasn’t for them… but then, in my mind I probably was that person until I was in love and knew that I needed to make it work.

This depends on you and your boo. If you both care about each other and you want to make things work, you try. You reassess. You try again. You reassess. My feeling is that you can always try and find out that it doesn’t work… but if you just turn your back before giving it a go, you will likely regret it.


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