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"Is it weird that I’m 25 and I still have a blanket (a child’s security blanket)? How do I explain it to a partner without coming across as a weirdo?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

Can I say no?? I don’t think it’s weird? I also don’t think it needs explaining?? I have a bear (his name is big gay bear) that, until very recently, I took with me on every overnight trip. I don’t give a eff, I like having a thing in my arms and MY BOYFRIEND GAVE HIM TO ME 11 YEARS AGO. So… *middle fingers to the sky*

I know so many adults with stuffed animals or blankets or old t-shirts, or whatever. A ton of people have tiny tokens that they sleep with, you just have to OWN it.

If I was making out with a girl and we were falling asleep and she was like, “You have to move over bc that’s where blankie sleeps” I would laugh hysterically and then make out with her ever more hardcore. It’s like, yea, it’s silly, but who cares. We are all silly in one way or another.

Kristin Says:

AGREEEEEEEE, I love you and your blanket and I am mad at you if the blanket has a name and you didn’t tell us. You know?! Is it called HELENA? Is it called STEVIE? Ugh. My blanket would be named Monkey, just for the record.

Your partner says, “Hey what is that?” and you say, “This is my blanket RHODA and I’ve had it since I was a kid and it makes me feel calm and I will always love it more than you and that has to be okay otherwise this is over.”

Are Dannielle and I off-base here?
Doesn’t everyone need a little tactile comfort sometimes?!

You better be 97 and still have that blanket…

Goddammit an old lady with her childhood baby blanket just made me tear up.

You’re the best. Miss you.


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One thought on “Is It Weird that I Have a Security Blanket?

  1. Right you are! I’m 24 and have slept with my Mary Bear for the past 24 years. It’s awesome to have the unending support of cuddles from your blankie, bear, or stuffed hippo, Paulo.

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