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"So, I got offered the perfect internship this summer but, if I take it, I would be far away from my serious boyfriend. I’m studying abroad right now, so we’ve already been apart since November and it’s really hard for both of us. So do I choose love or career? Decisions are so hard guys!"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

You have, like, 80 years of life left and you can be in love for all of those, but this internship will happen ONCE for TWO MONTHS. I always, always, always vote career in these situations.

I sound like the biggest asshole, but the thing is, you want to be with someone who will support your success and who loves when you’re offered cool shit. I mean, love is love you guys and if it’s supposed to work it, it absolutely will. I have friends who were long distance for 6 years, but they made it work and now they’ve been married and in the same home for 5 years. So, IT WORKED OUT.

The bottom line: If you don’t take the internship ONLY because of love, you’ll end up resenting your booboo for holding you back. I didn’t go on tour with Katy Perry bc of someone I was dating and I’m STILL PISSED.

Kristin Says:

**calls Dannielle for details*

Personally, I do not think Dannielle sounds like an asshole at all. You take the internship. If this were something where you would be away for an exceptionally long period of time then perhaps I would say, “talk it over with your boo, weigh the pros and cons, etcetera,” but this is NOT a long period of time. I know, I know, I am aware of how long even a few days feels without the person you love – but a few months where you are doing something brilliant will fly by. Trust. Me.

What’s more, I have found that time away from your boo can actually be really wonderful for your relationship. Missing someone is healthy. Planning Skype dates and sending pictures of your adventures or your boobs to each other – those are fun things that don’t happen as much when you are in the same city.

Take the internship.


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