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"What are some good ideas for Valentine’s Day?"

-Question submitted by itsgreattobealive

Dannielle Says:

I love that you didn’t specify this question in THE LEAST. I have no idea if you’re looking for romantic ideas, gift ideas, just generally what a friday should look like, how to have an “all the single ladies” night. I can literally say whatever I want bc you’ve left it open for me, and I appreciate that.

Good Ideas for Valentine’s Day:

1. Call it “ValenTIMES day”

2. Go to Target two days after V-Day and purchase candy 50-75% off

3. Watch rom-coms alone in your bedroom.

4. Make a playlist of slow One Direction songs and put on big headphones, turn it all the way up and sit on a park bench.

5. Cook dinner for your boo and put an engagement ring inside the vegan cheesecake.


7. Spin the bottle.

8. Take your cat to get groomed and place bets on how long she’ll hate you afterward.

9. Go to a musical show and propose during a romantic song. or go to a basketball game and propose on a jumbotron.

10. Make an entire weekend of the holiday. Go to all of the places you went on your first few dates and recreate the selfies you took together. Pledge to kiss each other every ten minutes on the 14th. Say “I love you” every ten minutes on the 15th. Make a list of your favorite things about one another and read them out loud on the 16th. Remember it’s a dumb holiday and doesn’t make a ton of sense, but the entire point is to do dumb shit like flowers and bears and candies for no reason at all, it’s just a stupid day to remember that you’re in love and your love is a very special love and while we should be doting on our loves all year round, we get caught up. Life gets out of hand and we forget to make one another feel special. So here’s your chance to do all the dumbest things to make up for the special moments that were forgotten.

Kristin Says:

Good Ideas for Valentine’s Day (cont.)

11. Buy yourself a new humidifier. We all need to stay hydrated.

12. Find a copy of Darren’s Dance moves and either invite over your friends, Skype your little cousin, or ask your boo to join you in learning the whole routine.


14. Clean out your closet. Literally or metaphorically.

15. Pack a picnic basket with all the trimmings, and then layout the picnic blanket in your living room. Bonus points for creating a picnic FORT.

16. Rent a karaoke machine. Dear god, please rent a karaoke machine.

17. Go to the bank and get as many pennies as you can. Then, have a contest where you either a) compete for the best penny sculpture OR b) see who can stack the most pennies without them toppling. This, again, works for friends or boos.

18. Look up a new recipe. This one isn’t funny. It’s just nice to cook sometimes.


20. Work on your most incredibly creative Kristin & Dannielle valentine, and send it to us at: 237 Flatbush Avenue #153 Brooklyn NY 11217. We will totally put our favorites on the world wide web. Blamo.


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