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“I suck at first dates. Like, "Hey wanna go to the aquarium with me?" level of suck. Any recommendations for destinations? Or like, successful date stories? I'll take anything.”

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

You are most certainly trying to date the wrong people. I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO THE AQUARIUM THANX FOR ASKING. Jaykay, you didn’t ask, and you lost your chance. WE COULD HAVE BEEN SO GOOD TOGETHER.

Anyway, you have to stay true to you. Going to the aquarium is going to make so many first dates totally swoon. Dinner and a movie is simple, a walk around the park is a great way to get to know each other. Kristin and I first spent time together on a park bench eating ice cream sandwiches and now i can’t go two days without seeing her OR I WILL DIE. You see what I’m saying?

You have to stay true to you, do things you like to do and involve whoever you want. Things will happen b/c you’re awesome and the person likes you, not because you took them on a helicopter ride over the grand canyon.

I don’t know your city, so I can’t regale you with lists of great outdoor adventures, or really tall buildings with cool rooftops. I can’t tell you which museums are free on Tuesdays and which parks have movie nights on Thursdays. Look for stuff you like to do and invite the cutie who sits behind you in math. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Kristin Says:

Surprise, surprise, I agree with Dannielle.  What in holy hell is wrong with the aquarium?! There are lots of FISH and SHARKS and TURTLES and WHALES and WATER TANKS.  What is not to like????  Dates that aren’t simply, ‘meet me at this restaurant, I’ll watch you eat spaghetti, we can share a pie,’ are the best!  Rock it out with your crazy date ideas and don’t look back.  I will give you a few examples of dates-that-were-awesome-for-Kristin:

Staten Island Ferry Date: It is free, it is a boat, it goes through water, and you can see the Statue of Liberty, and it is free. I realize you probably don’t have the Staten Island Ferry, but my point is that, if you look around you can probably find something that is free and adorable.

Italian Ice Summertime Date:  It is summer, it is hot, Italian Ice is the best thing known to man, you can share flavors and it inspires cold, fruity kisses. As far as I am concerned, this can work for all seasons. #italianiceandmittens

Bike Ride Date: You’ll both look goofy in your helmets, you don’t have to talk the whole time because you will be laughing with the wind in your hair, and maybe one of you will fall which will lead to a trip to the ER which will lead to you being like ‘OMG, remember that time we went to the ER?! Let’s go on another date.’

I, too, believe in you. Also, Dannielle and I are now headed to an impromptu date at the aquarium.


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