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"I am having recurring romantic dreams about a not-too-close-but-good friend. I definitely don't like her like that, but I have them so often that it's becoming hilarious. I want to say something because I feel creepy and it's so funny that I keep dreaming this stuff but will that be awkward?"

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

LOL. I feel like the outcome of this will 100% depend upon how you approach not-too-close-but-good friend (N2CBGF). Let’s be real, if you sit her down and say “Hey N2CBGF, I’ve been having some uncomfortable dreams about us engaging in romantic activity, I’d love to have a conversation about these dreams because I think they are funny, but obviously that is still up in the air, as it may make you feel strange because what if it is based in my unconscious obsession with you…” THEN SHE WILL MAYBE FEEL WEIRD.

Howev, if you say “N2CGBF I KEEP HAVING SEXI DREAMS ABOUT YOU AND IT MAKES ME LOL EVERY TIME I DONT WANT OT HAVE SEXI WITH YOU, BUT IT’S SO FUNNY CAN WE PLEASE LOL TOGETHER THANK YOU”.. she will probs ask you to stop screaming, but also she will be much more likely to LOL with you (per your request).

Just express your actual feels and you’ll be fine.

Kristin Says:

Agree agreeeeeee agreeeeeeeee also pls start actually referring to her as N2CBGF bc I think that will help many facets of your relationship.


I looked up what sex dreams mean when you are not sexually attracted to the human being sexed-upon. Sorry for saying sexed-upon. The (all-knowing, all-seeing) internet told me that when you have these kinds of sex dreams, if the sex is PLEASURABLE, it means that you would like to have some of the characteristics of the human you are boning. So like, if your friend is super good at keeping commitments and is a good cook, maybe those are things you want to work on/have in your own life and so you SEXI HER IN YOUR DREAM BC YOU WANT THOSE THINGS.

So all you have to do is say, “OMG, for like two weeks I kept dreaming about having sex with you even though NO OFFENSE I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU, and I was like TF does this mean, and then I looked it up and it turns out that it means that I love the way you do your hair and also that you study really hard for your classes and those are things I want in my life, AND THAT IS WHY I DREAM ABOUT DOIN YOU, but I also wanted to tell you bc like, maybe that is also important in making them stop AGAIN NO OFFENSE BUT JUST I like being your friend.” Then take out a water bottle and pour it over your head like they do at the end of sports-games.

I think it will go great.

PS: If the dream-sex is not pleasurable it means you don’t want her worst qualities, in which case this plan doesn’t work. Bye.


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One thought on “Having Sexy Dreams About My Friend

  1. I was just going to comment and explain exactly what Kristin said lol! If you ever read books about dream interpretations or talk to any dream interpreters your dreams always have some sort of pattern or symbols in them that try to tell you something. There are many different types of dreams but usually they all have something in common, you just have to really pay attention to try to figure it out. In cases where you have reoccurring dreams they usually don’t stop until you get the point of it, or do what it’s trying to tell you. In this case like Kristin said it’s because you love things about her…like personality traits you may admire about her and wish you had more of and wish they would rub off on you. Since this reoccurring dream that startled you and you didn’t understand the message it kept happening. Maybe now Kristin’s explanation may have cleared things up it will finally stop. Sex dreams never really mean that you necessarily want to be intimate with that person unless of course you know you have the hots for that someone and know you would want to be intimate with them….otherwise no lol! Dream interpretation is a very interesting subject and some dreams you could actually learn things you never knew before, or experience a situation that really happens to you later on in real and feels like deja vu. You could have visitation dreams from loved ones who passed on etc. I highly recommend you look into it its a fun topic that could spark interesting conversations with anyone. :-)

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