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"HELP! I think a barista just flirted with me, but she could be just friendly. I can’t tell if shes gay or straight! But she invited be to a bar-b-que that her coffee shop is having tomorrow. Again, friendly or flirting? Gah! What do I do? How do I know? Thanks guys! PS: I think the barista gave me too much coffee."

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

Omg. She invited you to a BBQ, SHE WANTS IT.

I was a barista for almost 600 years. You don’t just INVITE people to things.

Well, wait. Maybe you do, what were the circumstances? DISH!!

Kristin Says:

Everyone CALM DOWN.

You go the BBQ wearing your favorite “I don’t care too much but I care just enough” summer attire, you hang out and have some burgers and beers, you talk to her more about her life, and just BE COOL.

Then, you assess the situation. Is she being touchy-feely? MAKE OUT WITH HER. Is she being super friendly but you can’t tell? ASK HER TO SEE A MOVIE. Is she making out with her boyfriend? HAVE ANOTHER BEER IT’S GONNA BE OKAY.


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