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"I've been on a few dates with this girl. We still haven't kissed yet, but I really want to do something for Valentines Day with her. Do you think this is too soon in a relationship?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

Okay, listen up folk. Anything that has to do with dating someone on any holiday is 100% dependent on what you do and NOT what day it is…Let’s use a birthday for example, If you met someone two weeks ago and call their mom to get the family involved in their birthday and you throw them a surprise party … THAT’S TOO DRAMATIC. If you say “Hey, I know your birthday is coming up and we’ve only been on three dates, but I’d love to take you to dinner to celebrate your birth,” that is just sweet. That’s all…

My gf and I will either (1) forget that it’s a day or (2) go to our friend’s house to watch Broad City and eat chips together because who cares or (3) go to our favorite restaurant for a perfect dinner and then say nice things to each other. ALL OF THOSE THINGS ARE ACCEPTABLE REGARDLESS OF STAGE OF RELATIONSHIP. Because we have been together for a hot minute and know each other v well and have talked intensely about the things we care about and what valentine’s day is, we will not (1) get married or (2) buy each other trips to fiji or (3) adopt a pet. ALL OF THOSE THINGS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE IN NEW REALTIONSHIPS, BUT ARE PRETTY OKAY IF YOU HAVE BEEN IN A RELATIONSHIP FOR LONG ENOUGH TO ESTABLISH THAT THOSE THINGS ARE OKAY.

I think my advice is be casual and don’t take it too seriously?? You’ve been on dates, it’s a fun night to go out, you want to do something special because you think doing special things are fun. Just communicate that you want to have a fun night and you’re not expecting anything from her and you are good2go.

Kristin Says:

One out of one Kristins agree: follow Dannielle’s advice.

You can absolutely hang on Valentine’s Day with a new boo because it is legit a day where a tiny angel with a bow and arrow shoots people in the butt and makes them fall in love and that is REALLY SILLY so all you have to do is be like, “I’d love to grab dinner with you if you aren’t afraid of Cupid shooting you in the ass?”

Meaning, all you need to do is make light of it, and then she will, too, and TADA it will be great and you will do great. Sidebar: I highly recommend just having her over for dinner bc restaurants LOSE THEIR MINDS on Valentine’s Day and it overwhelms me. And obviously your Valentine’s Day is supposed to make me happy.


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