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"My best friend told me that her friend back home would be perfect for me, and I’m willing to give it a try. How often do relationships that start this way work out? Is it more awkward to meet like ‘oh, hey, you’re as cute as you are in your pictures’ than the normal way? Or am I freaking out over nothing?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

Omg. One time I was CONVINCED that one of my co-workers should date one of my best friends and I was like “TULIP, I HAVE A BOY YOU NEED TO MEET HIS NAME IS JON AND HE’S SO CUTE AND SO SWEET AND JEWISH!!” and she was like “Cool, what’s his deal” and I was like “he makes music and I told him about you and now I want you to both get married” and she was like “So neat! Now I never want to meet him or be in the same room with him.”

So…. turns out I ruined everything by trying to force them both to like each other before they met. Like, if I just let it happen and invited them both to the same show or something, it’d be fine, BUT I HAD TO GO AND MAKE THINGS WEIRD.

Obviously though, your friend didn’t ruin anything, my only point was to say THIS IS AWKWARD AND IT’S OKAY TO FEEL THAT WAY. I’m a fan of embracing the awkward. I think you let your friend set you up for a FULL-ON blind date. They used to do those back in the 90s before people used the internet to find love. Just go on the date and when you’re feeling weird say, “Honestly, I thought people stopped going on blind dates after 1997, so I’m feeling very retro right now.” Your date will laugh, it’ll open the door to actually talk about the awkwardness, and you can move forward.


Kristin Says:

Ooooooooh and then you can watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and pretend it’s in REAL TIME.


Except it is about three children who are abducted by a blind demon so like, maybe you shouldn’t.



Anyway… I agree with Dannielle’s advice.
Have a good day.


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