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“So how do you ask someone if they've been tested without making them feel like you don't want them?”

-Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says:

Chances are they won’t feel like you don’t want them. Most people are hip to the fact that you CAN DIE FROM GETTING A STD (apparently they’re called STIs now, but like, i’m old and set in my ways). Just make it more casual if you’re worried about offending them. Say something like “I was thinking about going to get tested next week, you wanna come?” or if you’re not that close, and it’s a one-night-stand, you can be like ‘i really wanna rip your clothes off furiously, but i also want to live as long as possible, hhaaaave you been tested?!’ and if they’re like ‘FUCK YOU WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE’ they probably mean ‘i have chlamydia’ and you don’t want to boner them anyway.

Just be honest with your boners and make your boners be honest with you. Like I always say… Honestly before sexily…

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Kristin Says:

This is easy: You just ask them. Asking someone if they have been tested means you do want them, and it also means that you care about yourself and care about being healthy. If I was kissing on a girl and she just up and took all of her clothes off and was like, “Let’s do this shit,” I’d be like, “Did she really just say ‘let’s do this shit’?” while backing stealthily away from her vagina.

The bottom line is that you want to be with someone who cares about their own health as well as yours, so you shouldn’t worry. If you ask and they get all bejiggity about it, explain to them that you have gotten tested and you always ask your partners so that you can both be safe. If they stilldon’t get it, then Dannielle is right…they probably have chlamydia.


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